Turhan Architects

With experience in the field spanning over five decades.

Turhan Architects aim to create spaces with a sense of place, time and identity. They consider each commision to be unique in its own context. Therefore do not take a stylistic approach to design.

Turhan Architects focuses on creating clear and authentic solutions by evaluating each project in its context. In this sense, Turhan Architects. brings together architectural design, land-use strategies, environmentally compatible solutions, socially sustainable projections, economical evaluations, and engineering.

While providing services in many fields, Turhan Architects specializes in residential, retail, office, industrial, mix-use, and renovation projects.

Turhan Architects has signed many successful architectural projects in Turkey, Georgia, Russia, France, Netherlands, and Germany. Still today it continues to operate by expanding its scope of services.

High quality visual renderings and animations are provided with each project to ensure client satisfaction.





Ayışığı Sitesi

Residential complex for 170 Flats

Didube Piazza

Retail, office and hotel complex

Faz Houses

Residentail complex for 80 flats